The Wandering Market: From Farm to Folk.

We started The Wandering Market eight years ago sharing ideas with high energy and what felt like distant dreams. Originally we had hoped the foods would be from our own farm that we lived on at the time but we couldn’t make it work. Being a farmer is hard. What we realized out of that experience is that there was a niche for us to help the farmers because it is so hard! There are so many obstacles to producing healthy food and they desperately need our support.

We started out marketing our friends amazing pastured eggs and realized that there was a growing market for sustainable, ethically raised foods. From there we had Cam from Sante Fe Foods by Shackleton call and say he had a load of prairie cherries to move. We bought 1000 lbs and grew and grew from there as more and more producers got in touch with us.

I’m so in awe of the magnitude of what has been accomplished simply because of the people out there that are both dedicated to making the foods and the ones that purchase them. I wake up every day inspired by this with the motivation to do more.

Dreams are actualizing and here we are delivering fresh farm foods to hundreds of families directly from farm to folk. And sometimes we get to mow the grass and shovel the poop and pretend like we have our own farm. ❤️
Farming to folking,

Nadine LeBean


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  1. Debbie Lizee says:

    Hello, this is the first time ordering. First, when is the next pick up? I am not able to send you my order. It keeps asking to enter a last name, even though I have. Can you please contact me please?. Thank you

  2. BETTY HAMM says:

    Hello Nadine
    Our farm name is Catherwood Organics
    We are certified organic we are certified organic grain and hay Farmers.
    We have certified organic oats flax and wheat
    We raised many types of livestock and they are all fed our certified organic feedstuffs as well as milk-fed
    we will have some broilers available
    we will have Berkshire pigs available
    and beef but I think we may be sold out of lamb this year
    we would love to do business with you

    1. nadinelebean says:

      Hi betty. Please call me at 306-648-8067 and we will connect! 😀


  3. Florian says:

    A few weeks ago I got pork hocks supposedly but they are beef shanks not hocks …not impressed and I got charged $30.00 for one sirloin steak kinda expensive. Not I’m sorry I’m not impressed was going to get veggies but at these prices can not afford to eat

    1. nadinelebean says:

      Hi Florian.
      The pork hicks should have definitely been hocks. 🤔 unless they got confused at the butcher shop. Please come in for some free hocks.
      The beef steaks are $15 lb for the high end steaks. This is pretty standard for grass fed and finished organic beef. Yes, It’s expensive! I totally agree with you on that one. 😉

  4. Olesia says:

    Would you consider redoing your pages in a very much lighter colour with print and font that is easier to read.? Check into the fonts that are considered best as there are several. Some of us have very much difficulty with such dark backgrounds and print. Grey print on brown ground …and grey on black .Impossible to see

    1. nadinelebean says:

      Yes! Although I don’t see it as grey on black. 🤔 I’ll try changing it. Let me know what you think.

  5. Amy Miller says:

    Hello, I would like to talk to you about potentially/possibly supplying you with some of our farm frag items (which the list of is always growing pardon the pun). Right now we have eggs and broilers but will have several more garden items coming as the season progresses. We have a large rhubarb crop, garlic and more. We will also have turkeys in the fal and possibly goat meat and pig. I would love to hear more about how you choose your farmers and how it all works.

    1. Diandra says:

      Yep, it does look like FOX 59 changed their headline Although the word &qtoh;tosuage" does still appear in the URL… But I can understand not changing the URL, given the desire to not break existing links to the story.

  6. Shel Collins says:

    Did I miss my order on the 17th???

  7. Wendy Lazarou says:

    Would you like some egg cartons?

  8. Linda churi says:

    What do you have for $50.00 meat pack

  9. Aleesha Bliss says:

    Hello I just placed an order for the food box for sept 9th, I would like to know what you want the password for the transfer to be, and how do I add the order form to the message in the transfer.

  10. Nadine,

    Sheila kaiser here. I’ve placed a couple of orders from you in the past couple of months. Facebook message seems to not be working for me. I had sent a message on Friday to see if i could get in on a whole pig. I would like to make a deposit if there is still one available.

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