Sask Farm Sources

 (Picture of Chicken Man! He lives by Neville) 
Here’s a list of our favourite Sask farms that we have visited (that have websites, many don’t):

-I love these people. They are so dedicated to their HUGE organic garden as well as their free ranged animals like chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and pigs. They specialize in pastured (alfalfa and milk vetch) lamb. They also now have eggs available as well as raw wool. 

*Thank you Chicken Man by Neville for sharing this source with us*

-LEMONS. Need I say more! They also have chickens that benefit from all the tasty greenhouse scraps. B&K Fletcher Farm near Moosomin. Providing us with a generous supply of grass fed beef and free ranged pork and eggs. Their meats are butchered by an amazing team at Welwyn Custom Meats. They have such an attention to detail that they even grind their own peppercorns! 

-They are doing a major favour to the earth as they demonstrate how we can restore the land with animals. Their lush pastures are proof of it, even in dry spells. They raise cattle, sheep, goats. 

-An urban gardener that is really changing the way we eat and produce food as she shows us how to use the spaces around us to grow food. She sells at the farmers market and runs a CSA program. Check out her website for more info

*Thank you to Christina at The Front Door for sharing this source with us*

-Another amazing urban gardener that regularly sells at the farmers market as well as off season. Beware, Caroline’s passion for local organic food is contagious! Visit her website for more info. 

She actually lives down the block from me, very local. A great source for fermentation cultures like yogurt, milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, jun, natto and sourdough. 

*Thanks for living down the block*

-Locally grown organic and fairly paid grains like various lentils, quick and rolled oats, hemp, chick peas, fava beans and more!  

*Thank you Christina at The Front Door for sharing this source with us!*

“We offer certified organic bedding plants, herbs, vegetables, fruit, and poultry near Regina, Saskatchewan. Our philosphy is to provide high-quality foods to high-quality people! We love to share our organic and eco-friendly way of life with others.”

U-pick fruits, massive market garden and honey.

-An amazing abundance of raspberries, saskatoons, chokecherries, prairie cherries, strawberries, rhubarb, currants, gooseberries, apples, pears, plums, asparagus and so much more. 

This is a great place to take kids to as they have lots for them to do including a trampoline, swing set, petting zoo, ice cream shack and paddle boats. 

-AMAZING cheese and yogurt made with sheep and goats milk. They now even have feta! 

*thank you to Mariana Brito for sharing this source with us*

-Pastured eggs, bulk meat (lamb, pork, beef), lard, raw honey 

-Pastured and free ranged eggs, meat (chicken, turkey, beef, pork), lard

*Thank you Sloughbottom for contacting us!*

-Prairie cherries, gooseberries, currants, homemade syrups, juices and sauces

-Amazingly fragrant organic wild rice. Very reasonable prices especially if you can buy in bulk. 

*Thank you kijiji*

-Organic grains farmers that raise a variety of free ranged animals for meat and eggs. 

  • Vanguard Colony by Vanguard

1(306) 588-2394 Ext 105 for Peter the Gardener 

-they grow a variety of pesticide free vegetables like cabbage, onions, carrots, broccoli, beets, squash, tomatoes, cauliflower, cantaloupe, watermelon. They also have honey. They do custom growing by request. 

  • Waldeck Colony

An abundance of vegetables even in the winter months. They have amazing carrots! They do deliveries to Regina and Moose Jaw and they don’t spray their gardens with poison. 

Peter (306) 773-3807 Ext 105

-They aren’t in Saskatchewan but I love what they are doing with this not for profit company. And the coffee is so good. 

-This is the best health food store I have ever been to. They are committed to organic and health and also work hard to bring in a lot of local products. They also can offer bulk discounts and custom order products for you. I’ve ordered many cases of things and received 15% off. 

-This store has a lot going on to support the local food movement including their own farm that grows vegetables, called Aloha farm. They host a lot of event and get togethers. They can also do special orders, like bulk cases of apples during the season. Just ask! 😉

-This family sources naturally grown nuts and dried fruits directly from the farms and has it shipped to you after harvest. Nothing beats their freshness. 
There are many other farms that we adore and deal with on a regular basis. their farms are so small they they don’t even have a name yet. We get to enjoy their passion for their farm “pets”. These people are the Fairweathers, the Baedkes, the Haubrichs, Erin McCarthur, Chicken Man (Bill Bryan), Bill and Anita Wilson as well as many others that we have had the pleasure of dealing with once or twice. 

*Thank you Caroline in Swift Current for introducing us to this amazing company*

-I have never used this service but it looks awesome! They make up assortments of local fresh foods and deliver. Let me know if you’ve tried them. 

Canada’s source of sea salt. They do plain, smoked and an assortment of naturally flavoured salts. Shipping is free.

*Thank you Sarah Galvin in Swift Current for recommending we buy Canadian salt from this company*

I was very impressed by their assortment of fruits growing! They are certified organic and they even had peaches that they move indoors for the winter. They make all kinds of delicious foods with their fruits. 

This is local food at its finest! Mariana Brito is working with Over The Hills Orchard to bring people amazingly prepared foods with the whole experience of being at the farm where it is produced. 
Have a source to add? Email it to

  • The Fletcher Farm/Welywn Custom Meats

Located by Moosomin and raising a variety of animals that are free ranged, antibiotic free and pastured. 95% of our meat comes from them and they are certified and inspected. We do large meat orders from them every two weeks, featuring a variety of beef, pork and chicken with a diverse supply of different cuts. Gluten and dairy free! They even grind their own peppercorns.


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