The Conquer Room

“A Space For Women Entrepreneurs.”

I am looking for five people that are ready to come and be a part of a growing community that is here to support and celebrate women entrepreneurs. Could that be you?

Pursuing your passion is a huge undertaking and can be very hard! I think we can make it easier… There are so many expenses and little (and huge) things that you just don’t think about. All these things add up costing time and money that a small business often does not have. Aside from all of the expenses, one of the hardest things for me was keeping motivated and becoming re-inspired. The secret I have discovered is that I need to surround myself with people who share my values and desires and want to make a difference.

I come across so many people with amazing ideas but lack the resources and knowledge to get started. I know I can help.

I am creating a space that will make it easier for you to reach your goals and share your passions. I am doing this by setting up multiple different places in the building that you can use for various purposes as needed. I am very excited to watch and grow with you.

New Years Promotion Includes:

-FREE rent for the month of January!

-NO deposit if you sign up in January. (Regular Deposit is $300/equal to one months rent)

-FREE conquer kit book to begin planning and organizing your new venture.

-$300/month reduces rent lock in for one year.

(Meaning that you will get the introductory rental price of $300 for an entire year!)

$300/month rent gets you:

-A semi-private workspace where you can design and build your own workspace. This is a large office that will only be offered to no more than 5 people.
-Private shared small office that you can book and use exclusively for private meetings or instances where you need alone time. (This is a separate office which is next door to the semi-private workspace described above).
-Personal heated storage spot in the warehouse.
-Once a month use of the kitchen/boardroom and 50% off for any use after that.
-Once a month use of manufacturing warehouse space and 50% off for any use after that.
-Building permits already in place (this can be a huge hurdle for a business).
-High speed internet and wifi
-Monthly accountability meetings where we track our goals and plan.
-Daily communal kitchen space for eating.
-Use of walk in fridge and freezer space. 50% off the cost after limit is met.
-Access to already established thriving customer base of The Wandering Market by having your items/services at the market by commission.
-Weekly Check-ins for inspiration and motivation.
-Opportunities for advertising for your business
-Parking right across the street

This is a minimum value of $1200 which is what all these resources would cost if you had to purchase them separately.

By sharing space and working together, we can:

-lower our costs drastically giving our business more flexibility and space to grow.

-accountability to each other as we share a space and have regular meetings to talk about where we are at and what we need support with.

-the option to share costs for things such as commercial label printers, supplies, employee help, skill share, working on big projects together, etc.

“Now lets get together and build some estrogen!”

-Nadine LeBean

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