Hello! You have just entered a new world of good food wonder. The flavours and textures you are about to experience will be like none other. You can enjoy these foods knowing they were grown by individuals with love and without the use of GMOs, unecessary injections, antibiotics, irradiation, herbicides and pesticides.

How it works:

We have a few ways that you can order right now. Through the online store and through our cognito order forms. Each city has different delivery dates. It is acceptable to put through multiple orders. Some times new items become available after you’ve already ordered and it’s exciting!

Moose Jaw- orders come delivered right to you within 24 hrs or come to the market during open hours.

Saskatoon- Orders every 3 weeks

Regina- Orders every 3 weeks- coming soon- bi-weekly food shares!

1. For forms: Check out our order forms for each city’s upcoming deliveries. They are also available pinned at the top of the page on our fb page as well as on the website under your city 

Moose Jaw



2. Fill out the form for your city. Use the links above to find it. An email to you will confirm your order and give you pick up and payment info. 😀

3. The form will give you various payment options including e-transfer, cash, cheque, credit card and debit tap.

4. Show up excitedly at the pick up, on time, unless you have selected delivery. It’s a good idea to bring your own bags, boxes or a cooler. 

We also accept empty egg cartons and jars for reusing!


We have a binder inside with all the orders printed off. It’s organized alphabetically by first name.

Orders are in the back reserved for you except the frozen stuff which is outside in the freezer trailer.

The tables set up in front are all extras for purchase.

We have many helpers on site who would love to assist you at any time.

Farm to folk!

How do ethics work at The Wandering Market? Pricing, sourcing and more.