Food Quality and Safety

These are your local small farm foods. Sometimes they look, taste, and smell different than what we are accustomed to getting from the grocery store. These foods don’t apologize and never try to be something they are not. They are reminiscent of the diverse grass, soil and land that supports them.

Carrots come with legs. Potatoes have dirt (because they store better this way) and sometimes their eyes poke through. Tomatoes can be shaped like a human face (nose and all ;)). The cheese is strangely, deliciously, aromatic, and it’ll call you back to a time your DNA fondly remembers. The meat comes straight up. Its wrapped in paper that you can’t see through and every steak opening is like Christmas… Each product is unique and a tribute to the land. Like you.

All foods may be special but they also all adhere to Saskatchewan Public Health Standards. The meats and dairy all come from certified/inspected shops. It is mandated that the producers of prepared foods adhere to Public Health food regulations. Part of this is that they all have to take the food safety courses and depending on the type of product may need to prepare it in a certified kitchen and/or have it sent to a lab for testing.

The Wandering Market Standards

Produce                                                        ALL produce must come from sources       that never use pesticides or herbicides. We favour farms that are using holistic principles wit systems that support itself. The animals nourish the gardens and the grass that then feed the animals and the cycle continues. We love biodiverse farms.

Eggs                                                               Eggs must come from sources that do not use cages. Amply spaced fences and barns are good with us as long as its ample. Ample as in they aren’t on top of on another and being trampled to death. That happens. 🙁 We have free run and free range eggs. The free range mean that the Chickens have access to fresh grass when seasonally appropriate. We don’t accept the use of antibiotics in feed. There’s no hormones in any chickens in Canada, so no worries about that and no vaccinations. Many of the producers are growing their own feed for their chickens and some are organic. Just ask. 😉 everyone is working towards a healthier future. Our support allows each producer to implement more and more mindful practices.

Meat                                                                Meat is never irradiated or ammoniumated. Do you know about this? Look it up. 😳 Animals must come from farms that use free range practices . Some are using holistic management which mean that the animals are concentrated in a small area and then moved every few days. This is done to mimic what the bison would have done to the land many hundreds of years ago. It nourishes and regenerates the soil which then provides the new grass for the animals and the cycle continues. We chose farms that are using mindful practices and are always dedicated to improving the way that their farm operates in a natural sense. This means eliminating the use of routine injections like vaccines, antibiotics and hormones. We understand the need for interbeventuon when an animals is sick but we also know that by offering the animals this type of environment, illness is rare.

Pantry Goods                                               Raw honey is raw. 😆                             Grains are organic and mostly from the farmers direct coop in Moose Jaw.

We care deeply about your health and safety and want you to taste and experience the good foods.

~May good foods be ever in your flavour~

-Nadine and Michael

Ps. In addition to all this we are working to decrease our waste partly by giving back products like cabbage leaves, soft beets, etc. to farmers for feed. TURNING KITCHEN SCRAPS INTO EGGS AND MEAT!

We are also exploring ways to eliminate plastics other nonreusable materials in our operation.

Ideas and support needed!

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