(A $100 box all laid out)

What’s in a $100 farm to folk food box? 
         Pantry, fridge and freezer. 

The food boxes are constantly evolving to accommodate the changing seasons. They embody the philosophy of what we call “Eating The Abundance.” To us, that means we are eating what is most available at the time which also means it is the most affordable, sustainable and reasonable way to eat. Eating this way supports the farmers in a way that means we aren’t just cherry picking the ingredients we desire but rather we are supporting the abundance of what wants to grow. 


1. Pantry- $25 plus value

This is an assortment of pantry stockers like grains, legumes, preserves, granola, spices, dried fruit, salts and more. 

Legend below for items in the pantries and their values. You always get a better value than what you pay becuase buying food boxes allows us to purchase in bulk. 

Local Split peas $3 lb value 

Fresh milled flour $2 lb value 

Local flax-brown and golden $5 lb value 

Local wild rice $8 lb 

Local buckwheat $6 lb

Local hemp $12 lb

Yellow split peas $3 lb

Large green lentils $3 lb

Lentils $3 lb

French lentils $3 lb

Oats $3 lb 

One on the right is barley. Amazing in soups like beef barley soup! I soak mine overnight to make it more digestible. My kids love it. $2 lb value 

Steel cut oats. Soak overnight and make porridge! 

Caraway. Locally grown!!! Can you believe it?!? 

2. Fridge- $25 plus value

The fridge is your produce and eggs. Sometimes it also means fridgey stuff like salad dressing or cheese.  This is what a current fridge potion is looking like for the winter. 

The summers abundance of produce! 

1 dozen eggs ($5 dozen )

Plus fresh locally grown, Unsprayed veggies.  ($25 plus value)

3. Freezer- $60 plus value

The freezer portion is an assortment of meats and sometimes has fruits, butter, cheese, bone broth. 

(Ground meat legend: Red is beef, green is pork, yellow is bison, white is lamb. We had blue recently too which is sausage meat)

This portion is mostly meats but may contain frozen berries or butter on occasion. 

Meat values 

Pork chops- 3 lbs $21

1 lb Ground beef $6.50

1 lb ground pork $6

1 lb ground bison $12

lamb $10-$17 lbs (not in food boxes unless you ask)

Bacon $8 lb

Steaks $10-$22 lb

3 lbsBeef Roasts $36

4 lbs Pork roasts $24

3 lb hams $25

1 lb sausage $8-$10

Whole chickens $20-$35 each 

Fat for rendering $5 (not in food boxes unless you ask. We will add it on top FREE)

Beef/pork liver  $5 (not in food boxes unless you ask. We can add it on top FREE)

Butter $10


We also have other items like fresh roasted coffee, gelatin, kimchi, pies and so much more!  Check out the forms under each city on the menu at the top!