Deep-Lee Nourishing Iced Tea

Basic Deep-Lee Nourishing Iced Tea Recipe:

1 gallon filtered water

1/2 cup tea and herbs (I use equal parts dandelion, nettle and green tea but you can use other kinds too)

1/4 cup chaga or less

1 cup honey or other sweetener (some like less sweet)

1 cup lemon juice

1. Steep hot water with chaga and tea/herbs for a minimum of 4 hours. I use equal parts green, dandelion and nettle but you can use whatever you have. Using some Green or black tea will give it the iced tea flavour.

*update* I have started doing all the teas separate. It makes the water much stronger. The chaga I do simmering for 4 hours. The nettle and dandelion come to a boil then turn off and sit for 4 hours. The green tea I steep in hot water for 5 minutes. Then I mix it all together and add honey and lemon.

I reuse the chaga to make the next batch.

2. Strain and add up to 1 cup honey and lemon juice.

NOTE: to make it like a homemade Gatorade you can add an electrolyte powder like CALM and a pinch of sea salt.

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