Dear Food Producers

Form For Potential Food Producers- Click Here
We get a lot of people messaging us wondering if we would be interested in carrying their products. As we grow, we will need to add more and more producers but right now we have a set of farms that we are working with to sell their goods. Our goals are to expand and help as many people as possible. 

If we can’t purchase from you right now, we would love to add your contact info to our page and connect you directly with customers. 

Currently Looking For:
*Locally produced without pesticides or herbicides* : Garlic, jams and jellies, premade foods made with the highest quality of ingredients. 

Ingredients and whole foods:

The Wandering Market is looking for meats that are Pastured from start to finish and grown without the use of routine injections like antibiotics, vaccines and hormones. 

We are purchasing vegetables and grains from farms, grow-ops and gardens that never use pesticides or herbicides on their land. 

Pre-made Foods with processing: 

Saskatchewan has recently made it easier for people to sell their homemade foods. Yay! 

The rules are that they must go through Public Health before you can sell to us. They will require that you have your food safety course. This is easily attainable. Depending on whether your food is considered low risk or not, you may have to send a sample of your food to a lab and/or make it in a certified kitchen. You will also need to use a specific label that they require.  Here is the contact number for more informtation.

Paige at public health 

1 (306) 691-1626

-The Wandering Market is looking to work with food producers that are concerned with sourcing as many of their ingredients possible that are grown locally and without the use of pesticides and herbicides. We are all very passionate about what we do and constantly making improvements for the health of the people and the planet. Progress, as we work towards perfection. 
To put your info into our system for connecting with customers or selling to us in the future, please make sure you meet the above criteria and then fill out the form above.

Thank you for considering us! We look forward to working with you. 

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