In Stock Abundances (FOOD)

*updated May 23, 2017*
Here is a list of the foods we currently stock on a regular basis. Available through our three week orders (click on your city name on the menu to find your order form). 

Also available in Moose Jaw at our open Markets 

  • Eggs! Free ranged and pastured 
  • Meats 

             BEEF- ground, steaks, ribs, burger patties, roasts, kebab meat, stew, stir fry, jerky, sausage, shank, soup bones, liver, heart, oxtail, caul fat. 

              PORK- bacon, cottage bacon (from the shoulder, less fatty), ground, roasts, chops, stew, stir fry, hams, sausage, hocks, liver, heart.

               CHICKEN- whole roasting chickens. 

               LAMB- chops, roasts, ribs, ground, shank, sausage. 

               BISON- out of stock 

               ELK- coming soon! 

  • Produce- seasonal veggies from our landscape. 
  • Micro greens and mixes (pea shoots, cabbage, kale, radish, broccoli)
  • Fruits- frozen fruits in the winter like saskatoons, sask grown cherries, sea buckthorne, rhubarb. 
  • Pantry items- oats, lentils, black beans, fresh milled flour, wild rice, split peas. 
  • Raw honey, creamed honey, cherry honey, haskap honey, cinnamon honey
  • Vegetable preserves
  • Jams and jellies
  • Homemade soaps made with time old traditions and ingredients
  • Fresh roasted coffee 
  • Natural sunscreen and bug spray
  • Charcoal toothpaste