Daring The Dream and Less is More!

Do you feel like you hold back on your dreaming as big as you actually desire for things to happen?

I do.

Even though I’ve come so far there is still something in me that holds back. Fear of failure, fear of people shooting me down and saying it’s impossible or ridiculous, fear of not being satisfied once it happens…. I see all of this in me and I’m daring to dream the big dream.

I feel like as people we need the big dreams to move on from where we are now. There’s a lot of people hurting and the animals and the planet is too. We’ve become disconnected and now that we feel the pain so deeply… we are ready to move on. We are ready to share and explore and build something sustainable and fulfilling.

I am going to let my thoughts and words dream bigger than I ever have. Some of these dreams I’ve been afraid of are as simple as putting in windows into the kitchen and sky lights so we that can feel the natural light while we broadcast our cooking adventures in the kitchen. I want to inspire people and have them feel how soul filling these foods are and we have the technology to do this. I spent years in the kitchen experimenting with wholesome, local foods for my family and I have skills to share. I think I’ve been afraid to say that. But there’s so much more to it …

Have you ever placed your foods on the counter and had it take your breath away at the sight of it and the knowing of the story it took to bring it here? I feel like I’m in an art gallery and my food is a fancy painting.

Eggs in a carton I’ve reused countless times with garden strawberries that I threw in the freezer straight from the garden greens and all because we were too busy and I knew I would savour them in a smoothie as they are. Smoothie in a jar next to more glass jars of honey and milk. It’s pure poetry.

Have you ever gasped at veggies sliced on a cutting board because they are soooo deeply coloured and they smell so sweet of earth?

And it’s not just food I am seeing here, pulling us to dream larger and simpler too at the same time.

So many people are discovering their talents in making things from scratch and how much joy it gives them and the people who receive it.

Like this gorgeous mug from Studio Stiina. 😍

I really feel that we are realizing that less is truly more. Because we are leaning towards more handmade high quality and less cheaply mass produced. I’d rather have this one mug and share my tea among friends than have 5 ugly cheap mugs that possibly have a toxic glaze in them. 🤣

This mug is a beautiful act of caring and sharing and connecting that I’m sure was also part of struggle and learning and growing and frustration. But the persistence and keeping the vision pays. ❤️ what are we visioning?

It matters.

1 thought on “Daring The Dream and Less is More!

  1. I have a local made mug I drink my coffee from daily I feel so happy drinking from it knowing I supported my friend to live his dream and I get a beautiful mug each day. I love that each day I think of my friend when I drink it! Yes it matters

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