Kimchi Cabbage Roll Soup!

😆Kimchi Cabbage Roll Soup😆

Makes a large pot (16 cups/ 8 servings approx)


2 lbs grass fed ground beef

1 good sized onion

2-4 garlic cloves or powder, paste

2 cups rice with water to make it and butter

3 quarts/litre of homemade bone broth (any kind works!)

1 jar/can of stewed tomatoes (or 2 lbs frozen)

1-2 lbs garden carrots

1 quart kimchi (or sauerkraut or just cabbage)


1. Brown ground beef.

2. and onions and garlic and cook.

3. Meanwhile: Cook a pot or rice separate And add LOTS OF BUTTER.

4. Add homemade bone broth, A jar of stewed tomatoes.(frozen works too) and cut up carrots.

5. Add 1 quart kimchi (I used mild and then spiced my own so the kids and guests would eat it) and cook everything until soft.

6. Add cooked rice to your bowl of soup and enjoy!!! I always cook pasta and rice separate in soups so they aren’t mushy and work better for leftovers and freezing.

-Stay hungry, stay satisfied, my friends. 👊🏼

-Nadine LeeBean

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