The Marketing Manipulation

I can see that people are tired of being manipulated and are ready for change. Aren’t you?

From my perspective as a business owner I am referring to the manipulation by corporations. How many times have you purchased something and then gone home and we’re like “why did I buy this?” Or “why did I buy so much/so many?!?!”. I’ve done it so many times. 🤣

There are so many “tools” out there nowadays for how to market your business. There’s certain ways of packaging, using social media, language, smells in the air, music playing, and on and on. Some of this is actually useful for people finding you but most that I’ve read and heard is simply for the goal of getting people to buy things they do not need. One pound of ground beef laid out in a styrofoam pack looks way bigger than a local farmers little lump in a bag. But it’s the same. Actually it’s not. The farmers is just meat without any additives and it’s from one cow. Not hundreds all mixed together.

So, as a marketing strategy how about this… Figure out what people need And then provide it! Do something that adds value to people’s lives and surely they will return.

Fill the need with your product/service. Be accessible. Make it known.

And we can do it with transparency! You will find people that are right for your product/service. If you have what people actually need and are conveniently accessible, people will come. And you’ll be doing a great thing because you’re filling a need rather than just manipulating people into buying more crap we don’t need. 🤣

We are all starting to see through it anyways there’s been entire products that have been invented simply by shaming people. Deodorant, diet supplements, ring around the collar, smelly stuff, hair removal products, etc. There’s a program on CBC called “the age of persuasion” and it is all about how companies are using psychology to trick us into buying food we will never eat and clothes we won’t wear and toys and gadgets that just end up in the trash and products we just never had a need for but have become so common now.

Once we start realizing that we don’t need to lie to get our needs met it will change the way we do business. There’s so much needed in the world and there always will be. We can provide that and do good.

I see a huge need for good food for people. Food that nourishes ya and the communities it comes from. It needs to be safe, convenient, affordable and tasty/satisfying. So that’s what I’m working towards. I’m focusing my energy on providing that rather than the latest marketing and packaging strategy. And it seems to work. People respond to it. Let’s keep putting stuff in reusable mason jars rather than trying to develop something new. These have worked for a long time and for so many purposes. They are versatile and standard too! They are amazing which is understood by anyone that does canning. There’s nothing more rewarding than a shelf or pantry full of your own home canned goods.

Thank you to everyone that has been coming in and giving us a chance. January and February have surpassed my wildest dreams and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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