The Ultimate Purpose

Every morning when I wake up I spend a few minutes thinking about purpose. I focus on the one purpose that guides everything I do.

The purpose is to connect.

Sourcing good food and making sauerkraut is what I do, but the true purpose is to connect with people, places, ingredients, and even problems.

Sometimes I think I focus too much on all the individual issues and it becomes so overwhelming and then I feel helpless to make any changes. Straws in turtles noses, pollution, landfills for days, plastic bags in whales, plastic in general, poisons being used to grow food, concentrated animal feeding operations, our rapidly deteriorating health, Behavior problems in children and then there’s violent and social problems …. the list goes on and I feel small when I think of it all. Until I remember the one purpose of connection. When people feel connected, they will make better choices. When I feel connected, I eat better and my mind is clear and I don’t even want to use plastic straws. And then i realize that it’s not even about plastic at all…. plastic abuse is merely a symptom of disconnection. Many of the eco products alternative to plastic have not been a solution for me and it was because I wasn’t ready. I was still disconnected. The stainless steel straws I bought just became another waste product to me as in my busy life I wasn’t prepared to care for it like the useful and precious tool that it is. Imagine a stainless steel straw in the noses of animals…

When people feel connected to their earth and soil, they will want to eat better. When people feel connected to one another, we will be guided to work out problems without hurting one another.

It has always been in my disconnection that I make choices that I know aren’t good for us. When I’m stressed and exhausted, I am disconnected from what my body needs and that is when we get take out and fill a garbage can with styrofoam.

But stop for a minute. This isn’t meant to be another thing to induce shame over as that is the last thing we need. These things happen as we are on our way. Because we are moving forward and sometimes the bad choice actually isn’t bad in relation to the stress for us in the moment as we find our ways back to the ultimate connection because maybe we needed that convenience. We will do better. I can already see it happening.

Since I’ve been waking up and thinking about the purpose every morning, I’ve been finding myself in more opportunities to connect. And sometimes it’s scary as manure. I have to say yes if I want that connection.

I absolutely adore being in the market and talking to people about food. I love when people tell me what they are making and yesterday I helped a couple pick up 4 different varieties of garlic to grow. Giant cabbages on the scale always mean someone will be connecting in their kitchen and it makes my heart feel happy. Usually it’s sauerkraut or cabbage rolls or both. Those are some big cabbages.

So, maybe you’ll decide that our purposes are the same. To connect to whatever we are doing and whoever we come across. I’m excited to see what will come next.

By the way, manure isn’t scary if it’s from a small farm and put back into the land.

Good morning Cabbagening.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Purpose

  1. Catherine Reichel March 15, 2019 — 9:51 pm

    Nadine i am reading this quite a long time after you wrote it but am so blessed by it! Thank you for your vision and for your integrity in the way you live. You are making Moose Jaw a better place and the Wandering Market is such a gift to us all. Yes – you are right! Connecting is what we were made to do. The needs and brokenness on our planet can feel so overwhelming but not when we are working together – little by little. When we fall down we help each other up and carry on. Cheering for you and Michael.

  2. So much truth in your writing. It is that understanding and sharing that will show others that yes, connection can be scary, but its connections that helps overcome fear. Keep sharing your message.

  3. Love this post.. love early mornings…love safe nourishing food…great path…great journey
    Just finished watching yet another permaculture documentary… I really believe we are on the way back to sanity…. but I know that there are so many that will never make that Journey back and that’s okay

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