The Village It Takes

I am re-committing to writing to you all again because I think it is important to share our stories and come together. Especially if we are trying to do something big. This feels big. I want people to know where we are at and see how they can be a part of it.

I’ve been looking around at all this space lately and wondering if we might have lost our minds.. tens of thousands of square feet and thousands of pounds of tomatoes, squash, cabbage, beets, etc are rolling in from the harvest. It doesn’t end! We haul and heave it and hope to move it. So far it has been great. We’ve had almost no waste this summer which is amazing and a huge contrast to last year. I wouldn’t have been able to maintain that little waste without the wonderful people helping preserve and make food with it. Lynn comes by and hops in the fridge trailer. She moves boxes and says “this needs to be used up.” Then she hails it home in her wagon and pickles or balances and freezes it. I’m truly humbled this. She’s a busy naturopath in town here yet she makes time to preserve the harvest because she believes in it and she loves it. Rose has been making these satisfying and savoury soups out of boxes of vegetables that need to be used up when we make space for the new loads.

Many times I’m just waiting for an intervention from my mother and Michaels parents to tell us “STOP! You’ve done too much! “. But they never do. They come and they help and do dishes and change diapers and they encourage us so much. It’s been perfect and exactly what we’ve needed.

Just when i feel like maybe this may not work…. the lovely people come in and they smile and buy things and tell us how much they appreciate this grocery option and I instantly feel re-connected.

We need that as people. To be re-inspired and re-connected to our purpose and to being here together as humans.

We’ve had so many people coming in to shop, that at the end of the day Michael and I look at each other with wide eyes and think “This might actually work.”

This may actually work.

We’ve had people of many cultures and ages come to help and eat and move things. We wouldn’t be doing this without them. So far, it’s been a very labour intensive thing but I’m starting to see how it’ll be less and less as we get better set up. It’s been slow but steady.

My vision for this place is growing as I watch it take shape. We can do a lot here. I operate under the knowing that so much of it is out of my hands. I listen and answer the messages of what wants to happen. I can’t force things to happen, but i can provide a platform for people who Feel inspired to do something. Even if that something is purchasing local foods, that is HUGE! I hope they realize that their groceries are an investment into their community and the land. Each person involved that is providing us food to sell is thinking about how to do better for the people and the planet and the animals too. We are constantly improving.

I think we are ready as humans. I think we are ready to build what so many other parts of the world already have which is a culture of food that brings us together through tradition and seasons. I think we are ready to rediscover what we’ve lost in our busyness. We are here to grow and make food and haul it and heave it and then we eat and connect and it feels so satisfying to do that at the end. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had were at the end of long days preserving food with people. Even though the meals were simple, they were soul touching because of what we went through to get the meal of local, real foods. Good ingredients don’t need a lot done to them to taste and feel good. I think people are ready to taste these flavours of our land. They may even want to read my rough unedited writing right till the end. 🙏🏼

May good food be ever in your flavour,


Green sister garden greens are addicting! I start eating them and end up devouring the entire container. What’s the opposite of guilty pleasure but still pleasurable?

Michael and baby Gus. My mama.

Our son, Emmett (we have 6 kids)

Me again! Feeding while on the job.

Me! After thousands of pounds of veggies showed up! Where do I put it? I called on the people to come buy it and it worked!

Keirsten and I are long time friends that have shared years of connecting over preserving, making and eating all the good food! When we get together, it is always delicious and fulfilling. Come join us?

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  1. Great post Nadine!

    Real food is simple ingredients and for us Real food starts with Heritage Livestock.

    As producers we greatly appreciate your support and how you bring local foods to Saskatchewan communities.

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