Movin’ Forward…

 The question always has been how can we provide local, healthy foods to people at an affordable price while paying farmers enough to keep them going? 

Turns out that the longer you persist at something, the easier it gets. As we work consistently with the same farms, the efficiency increases on all ends and we get to see the improvements made directly because of our support. New systems, upgrades and equipment allow farmers (and us) to do more and charge less. While the point isn’t just to charge less, it is very important that people be able to afford the food. 

Our “new” trailer that is half fridge, half freezer has made things so much more possible as has our bus that is perfect for farm pick ups and actually cheaper on fuel than our pick up trucks with a trailer. We couldn’t have built those without the support of everyone that comes out to our stores and orders from us online. We are so deeply grateful for being able to continue and grow this. 

I have so much hope. 

Hope for a better food system, where it is easy to access and eat good foods all the time and we feel great because of it. 

There’s been many times where I’ve pressed my hands over my face and wondered what I was doing. If what I was doing made and difference and if it mattered. The challenges have been immense and the food very perishable. 

I’ve made sooo many mistakes along the way but they’ve been pivotol in creating what the wandering market is today and where it’s going. I really feel that good food is a human right. And by good food I mean nourishment that feeds you to your soul and leaves you completely satisfied. Food that you want to eat. That calls you in the day to come and fill up and be well. 

This early morning I dreamt about pancakes made with tons of free ranged eggs and butter and dark berries. I woke up on a mission to make them. I snuck over to the warehouse and grabbed a bag of April’s flour and held it in complete appreciation. April and her family grew that wheat and milled the flour and they did it without the use of herbicides or pesticides. I’m humbled by the pancakes they went on to make.

 It was 10 years ago now that I read Barbara Kingsolvers book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” where she talks about her journey to eat only what she could grow and get locally. It sparked an eternal flame in me. It set me on a mission to eat what is local and abundant. I never imagined that these foods held so much joy and satisfaction. A pantry full of home canned goods for the winte… those first summer strawberries with fresh cream…. the darkening of egg yolks and butter from the fresh pasture… groups of us coming together for the purpose of a big chicken harvest… these are the things that lead me to call this a good life. They are simple and grand. 10 years ago I never would have thought that we could be eating 95% locally. Through the years we have made many connections and we can now get all our meats, eggs, dairy, grains (various lentils, oats, beans, legumes, wild rice), produce galore, honey, fruits, preserves, soaps, cleaners, personal hygiene items, clay dishes, salt, spices, activated charcoal, herbs and much more… 

I’m so excited to see what comes to us next.

Farm to Folk! 


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  1. I was very impressed with the Wandering Market two weeks ago. I bought meat products which were high quality. By the pictures more products so will have to go visit the shop. Very good service
    Thank you.

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