Progress, not perfection.

I’m still fairly ridiculous, eh? If I sit and really thinking about, this basket full of foreign produce seems so extreme to me. The lengths it would have taken to get this here to me… many hands and machinery and trucks and boats and maybe even planes over thousands of kilemetres of oceans, forests, deserts and skies. And the warehouses!!! They would be bigger than I can fathom! It seems like a fairy tale to have these foods. Imagineif we were to tell this story to someone a hundred years ago. Would they believe me that we can pretty much have everything all the time but for the cost of taste and nutrients? Would they chose this abundance over flavour and the satisfaction of sourcing and growing your own?  It wasn’t that long ago that an orange was a party trick for only the rich. 

I do this often. I load up my basket and ponder the implications. I stick my tongue in a blackberry and wonder who’s fingers were wrapped around it. How did they feel? Were they hot? Thirsty? Do they appreciate and love these blackberries or are they a means to an end? 

I’m pretty happy that I can think about these things and it doesn’t stress me out anymore. We are humans needing to eat and we do what we have to, like any other animals, to survive. What matters most to me now is the actions I’m taking towards change and education combined with what I am doing most of the time. Am I increasingly improving?  We can’t suddenly change and have ourselves be in the perfect place. There’s a process. And each step in that process is going to be glorious as we make the connections. You can tell instantly when it happens. You become centred and ready for the next step. 

Every day I learn new ways to live in a system that supports itself. I don’t see that happening any time soon but I feel a part of its development and I’m excited to see how much further our children will take it. 

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  1. I think fotoballers get to much money because all they do is kick a ball round a football pitch so i think they should get less money however doctors should get more money because they save lives and help innocent people who’s weak and skinny some times!!!

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