It’s gonna take all kinds 

This could be interesting…I’ve committed to blogging everyday. That means you will all be subject to whatever demons I am battling that day as well as the inspirations that are lifting me up. 

Lately these words have been coming to me: it’s gonna take all kinds. 

I saw someone in the grocery store. She us d language I disagreed with. That’s ok, because it’s gonna take all kinds. 

I exerienced someone who has totally different political beliefs than me. Rock on. 

It’s gonna take all kinds. 

Someone disagrees strongly with the food I put in my face. I got yer back. 

It’s gonna take all kinds. 

My ideas are ignored and someone uses only theirs. Great! 

It’s gonna take all kinds.

Because that is exactly how nature works and how it gains strength: with diversity. And I don’t mean diversity as more, by complicating things and creating sooo much. No. Diversity combined with simplifying by taking the path of least resistance. It may seem lazy to do what’s easier, but the goals we need to achieve are hard enough as it is. The tasks for them can be easier. I don’t always know how but I wait and eventually I just see it and then I do it. The Wandering Market has not been easy at all but it was because I didn’t always see what needed to happen. Or I tried to force it. Or I just didn’t know. You done know till you try. Just like I don’t totally know the point I am trying to make. But that’s ok. And if you disagree with me, that’s great. Because it’s going to take all kinds. Including you. 

Picture by Mariana Brito at The Backyard in Regina. 

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