Passion for Profit

We’ve become so accustomed to standardized food that I am always surprised by the difference one harvest to the next can bring. This must be a new phenomenon. I imagine people would have traditionally lived in a state of wait and see what grows, rather than I’ll go to the grocery store and have sub par everything all the time. 

It’s been an amazing year for Saskatoon berries and apples so far. Deliciously large and sweet. We shall be enjoying their abundance all winter long. I know that it will most likely mean that next years harvest will be scarce. Radishes sucked this year. Too much rain split them.  I’m ok with that. It’s the flow of nature and I’m excited to see what will be the new abundance. It reminds me to enjoy what is here, now as everything has its season. 

Moving forward with the wandering market has really taught me to go with this natural flow. There’s been times when hail has smashed expected foods or many of the the cherries get frost on their blossoms and the prices skyrocket or animals suddenly die. Sometimes a farmer can’t meet me becuase the cows got out or a pig is on the loose. I’m in awe of how we have been able to deal with each situation as it arises. That’s what farmers do so naturally but us others, we don’t really understand the variables. I’m learning. I’m also learning how to paint the picture for people so they can be a part of it too. 

I love doing this. It wakes me up and whispers to me “cabbbbbbbage.”. The support from people this past year has taken a small buying group and turned it into a full blown business. I’ve had to brace myself and breathe through many fears of paperwork, taxes, trying to make a profit while still payin food producers fairy, obtaining business licenses, driving a trailer home with zero experience and mostly… eliminating my fear of disappointing people. I’ll do my best and it’s pretty damned good most of the time. I hope that I’ll inspire a few people along the way to start their own thing. I’ve had so many inspirational people that have kept me going and made this possible. I think that’s been the main thing: listening to the new ways to stay motivated and inspired. The technical problems can all be solved, but if we can’t conquer our own fears and hesitations… We aren’t going to achieve much. 

I realized today that maybe a businesses passion can be seen in the way they spend their profits. What are the profits funding? This business profits have gone towards a beautiful collection of coolers to keep the foods cool and fresh, a new trailers to haul the amazing food, a clean office space to organize the orders, jars, papers and more. Our next big purchase will be a large refrigerated trailer. You’re a part of this. Each person that has purchased from us has helped build this to where it’s at and where we are going. I am so grateful.  It’s what I think about: How to do more and get the good food out to people with efficiency, care and love for the farmers. 

How are we doing? 

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