Deeper Meanings

I’m sitting here feeling totally immersed in emotion over The Tragically Hip’s last ever concert. I can’t help but relate it to my own life and journey through providing food for people from local farms. 

The band is into their third encore at this point, going beyond what is necessary. 

I want to live my life like that. Completely giving myself over to the talent and the passions for the people, as if today could be our last. It could be. 

I know what that feels like to feel so much a part of something that you would rip out your own heart and gift it on a plate to people. 

Life is short as it is, even without a death sentence. 

I want to spend it listening and answering the call of free ranged chickens clucking and garden tomatoes ripening. I want to inspire others to the tastes and pleasures of the earth and have them be supported and nourished by it. I want to see the producers of these wonderful foods, in their elements but without all the worry and stress of trying to make a living wage. 

We grow stronger and more united by this every day. I’m here to relay that message to you.

I’ve put myself out there so much  in the last year and it’s scared the shit out of me! Scarier than failure is the fear of success I think. With each success brings on a levelling up and new responsibilities. These responsibilities aren’t just things to do. It’s livelihoods. It’s people’s homes and ability to provide for themselves and continue on making the good food.

There was so much that I was not prepared for when I started putting together food boxes. I had to decide that I was actually doing this and then go full force taking a deep breath every two seconds and just pushin through. We can do this. I have to reconnect and recommit to that every day. It means so much to me and I’m so humbled by the amount of people wanting to do this! 

Even the small changes we make as individuals, adds to the  collective and it makes a difference. What we do and eat in our every day lives matters. No matter how small it may seem, know that that one egg or string bean, was picked and carried to you, for you by a real hand. Someone with ideas and dreams and thoughts. A person. 

I can see that this is building up to something. These are the days that we will look back to with nostalgic fondness.

What are you doing that connects you?  

5 thoughts on “Deeper Meanings

  1. I must point out my affection for your generosity giving support to those people that should have help with this important content. Your personal commitment to getting the message all around turned out to be quite helpful and have allowed those much like me to reach their targets. Your amazing useful suggestions entails much to me and even further to my fellow workers. Thanks a lot; from each one of us.

  2. Hey Emily,What size wreath did you use. I think I got a styrofoam wreath that may be too big. Mine isn’t turning out quite as rul.nyfThafks!

  3. Love this post, and it definitely hits home for me as a farm kid. I love this Wandering Farm, it is an absolutely brilliant idea, especially for those of us who are now stuck in cities! It’s easy to forget the extraordinary inter-connectedness that exists between all of us and this world and how the urbanization of our society has caused so many people to forget that they are part of a larger collective. I agree that what we do in our everyday lives matters; it has more impact that we could ever know, so we have to make sure that we leave footprints in places that we can be proud of. I believe in embracing the moment, being kind, and having gratitude for what is. I feel the most alive when I have my hands dirty, whether it’s in soil, paint, ink, baking, cooking, or whatever hare-brained crafting project I have dreamed up. Creative work and communing with nature makes my soul sing…I hope that you continue to find joy in what you do and solace in that you are connecting more and more people together with threads of community. Keep up the great work!

  4. I am reading and respecting what you are doing and saying, that connects me more than even I can know or understand, thank you so much for caring about the collective conscious of us all.

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