Prairie Pearl Homestead: Supporting the farm. 

This is a big project and we need your help. 

The Prairie Pearl Homestead is hoping to sell their pasture raised lamb through individuals rather than take them to market where the animals end up in a feed lot and the Pearls end up not making a profit. 

We have eighty lambs to sell for them. 

When we first started out on this last year, I was surprised that so many people we’re opposed to eating lamb and so I asked why. The two main reasons: people don’t know how to cook it and some think they are eating little fuzzy babies. This isn’t the case. The animals are over 100 lbs as shown in the picture below. 

I have a few ideas to get these sold.

1. We put lamb in the food boxes. We can do that! We can also provide some amazing recipes to easily cook lamb.

2. People purchase lamb bags for $120 for 10 lbs. 

3. People can purchase wholes and halves at $6 lb hanging weight plus $100 butcher fee. Works out to approx $300-$400 per lamb. 

4. New idea for the entrepreneurs: if anyone is wanting to take on selling Prairie Pearl Homestead lamb as a project, I will forfeit my $1 lb and give it to anyone that can sell (or buy themselves) 5 or more lambs and they can keep the money for their efforts. ❤️ 

This would also work as a bulk buy for groups of people. 

Here’s our order form for more info. 

Lamb order form

That was Last year. 

And this is this year…

So lush in the night. 

These animals have an amazing life. ❤️

Prairie Pearl Homestead on fb
Jen and her tiny potatoes:

And Brian is going to hate me for sharing this selfie he sent me…. 😂

I wish I could remember what this was in reference to. 


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  1. Krystallynn says:

    This does look prngsiiom. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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