Ground Pastured Pork: 17 tasty uses for it

I used to avoid ground pork. I didn’t know what to do with it and I had no idea how delicious and nutritious it could be.

When we started ordering full pastured hogs, I had to figure out what to do with it as we had soo much.

It’s a very cost effective meat, so I would love to encourage you to use it and I want to share with you what I do with ground pork. ❤️

1. Wonton soup. Omg. Homemade wonton soup is one of the best things ever. Sometimes I even make it without the wrappers and just the seasoned meat and it’s still amazing. We add hot sauce too!

2. Fried Wontons

3. Pork fried rice

4. Pasta with ground pork meat sauce.

5. Meatballs! Italian or sweedish?

6. Breakfast sausage patties! With maple syrup…. Soooo good.

7. Creamy Squash and ground pork soup. Or another type of soup? Italian tomato?

8. Meat pies!!!!

9. Meatloaf.

10. Empanadas, burritos, tacos!

Other ideas from awesome local food lovers:

11. Cabbage rolls!

12. Seasoned spicy and on pizza!

13. In everything! (Lol)

14. Hamburgers!

15. Souvalki with tzazitki !

16. Mixed with wild meat to add moisture.

17. Scotch eggs!

Do you have any ground pork recipes to share?

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