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Letting go.

I had an epiphany today. I’ve spent the last seven weeks telling myself to let it go and find peace and acceptance. That it didn’t matter that a friends husband was aggressively copying and competing with my business in an unethical and totally self-centered manner. Other people told me to let it go too and that I’d do fine regardless. That may be true but today I realized that my being consumed with it is natural. Of course I’m going to be outraged when my deepest passion and drive is threatened! My heart pumps and beats to the sound of homegrown Prairie Pearl Homestead potatoes being chopped. I wake up and bounce out of bed when I remember my Purpose for the day; to head out to a farm and facilitate the good food. So, I think I can absolutely be bothered by people copying what I’ve started and worked so hard on and turning it into the exact thing I wanted to avoid by doing this: capitalism, exploitation, franchise, greed, dishonesty. 

I believe in the foods so much that I want them to get out more and more but I don’t think it has to be that way. We should never facilitate our passions out of desperation. If this is indeed his passion, which I highly doubt it. I feel so sick and sad about the whole thing. I still go to text her or call as we always did so often and then I remember everything that has happened and that we aren’t friends anymore and it makes me suppress the salty tears. But it’s ok. I guess it has to be for now because today I realized that it is ok for me to feel angry and sad as I watch and hear that the people that use to be good friends are going to farmers and are talking them down to the lowest price possible and then the products are marked up to the highest possible rates in the form of food boxes where no one knows the actual value of what they are getting and they aren’t allowed to know where a lot of the foods are coming from.  So many people have told me they feel cheated or ripped off and it makes me cringe. We do not have to fear our sources being taken away because we shared them. I can not possibly and personally feed everyone, but I can pass on a name and inspire others to source some food too. People will still buy what they need from me and they will be closer and closer to having pantries and freezers loaded with the good local food! It’s also better for the food producers if we pass on a name and they get more business. We don’t need to be afraid of such things. I want all deception to stop but I can’t control what other people do. There is no reason that we can’t share sources or that we should make as much or more than the food producers! It’s not our sweat and blood and tears and being tied down every. Single. Hour. To the farm. I want to scream but instead I’ll grab some local carrots and munch them to death. 

We are just the messengers of the good food and it is a big responsibility. People are desperate for good food and will pay and that must not be exploited. The farmers are so vulnerable as they try to compete and struggle to make enough off their food to live and that must be recognized and honoured. It’s very serious and this will all end farm by farm if we sit back and watch it happen. We need to encourage and build up our farmers instead of interrogating them about their input costs and time. We need to offer them more instead of asking them for their wholesale prices and what their bottom line is and then call it negotiating! It’s negotiating the death of the family farm. Every year I hear of some of my favourite food producers getting out of some food that I have loved because it’s not profitable. It’s heart breaking when you consider the alternatives. 

 I often think that it would be so much easier to just buy from superstore but then I remember. I remember the food lacking in flavour and nutrients with the huge cost to the environment and the terrible treatment of animals and the earth. And it’s not worth it. I’d rather push on, talking to farmers and food consumers to find a way to make it work. We have to. If we can’t feed ourselves, then what are we?!?

With this business, I know it’s so important for me to stay humble and pay myself a reasonable wage for sourcing food so that the farmer gets paid decent and the consumer can afford to eat the good food. With this power (amazing food trend) comes great responsibility not to exploit people. 

I know I can’t control what other people do. We are each responsible for what we do. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell my story or speak up about things I disagree with, especially as I hear that it’s still going on. And I do feel that it’s harmful and it hurts me. And that’s ok. I feel like not trying to be ultra spiritual has freed me to let go. Sometimes we gotta feel and use it to motivate us to do good. Because we are all faced with human emotion and conflictions. We are all faced with the possibility to do wrong. We can make good choices. Do good things. Even if our first thought was not good. We can work through it. Peace to you on your own non-peaceful journeys.

❤️farm to folk. -Nadine 

I see more and more that as we share and be open and honest, the more successful I am. We don’t have to hide and cheat to get our needs met. Because one of our deepest needs as humans is to live in harmony and community with one another. Without this sharing, we are not expressing what it means to be human. 
*picture is of Prairie Pearl Homestead pig bums and a chicken in their new grassed area that they are quickly digging up. 😆*