Happening Thoughts

It’s late and I’m feeling nutty because I been nut baggin’ 1500 lbs of nuts and dried fruity fruit. 

My husband is possibly allergic to pecans and I always feel so scandalous when I bag those nuts while he is at work. I try to make sure there’s no evidence. Of pecans. 

Im lying in bed while the images of nuts dance through my head…I’m thinking and wondering what’s next. I am thinking about all of the people getting involved with the local food movement. The ones just starting and pursuing new ventures as well as the ones established. 

So much has happened in the last while and I’ve learned so much about what it means to be more than just a business and to be a part of a community. I’ve learned that my actions are very much more important than my words. And that I need to work hard to be accountable to the words. I like this. 

I’ve learned that I can trust and not feed the fears. I take deep breaths and go against what seems to be my human nature. But maybe it’s not human nature to immediately feel the pull to take for myself and only consider me? It does come up, and I wonder if all people experience the greedy need first and then rationalize and exude love and make good choices. I’ve discovered that my initial reaction, when not pure, only requires deep breathing and trust. If it comes up as a bad, pit in stomach feeling, then I need to do the extreme opposite of what it tells me. I have the stomache pit and want to keep sources a secret when someone asks where I get something? I turn that into share all the sources!!! Someone can’t prepay and says they will pick up their perishable food that you imagine melting and becoming instantly infested with maggots because in your mind they don’t pick it up? Trust all the people! Someone changes their mind and says they can’t afford a food box right now and you worry how you’ll sell it and the stomache pit comes back because maybe they just really hate you? Give free food boxes to the people! 

Ok, I’m being toooooo nutty now if that’s possible. So long as it’s fresh from the farm nutty. 

I’ve discovered that I can put people first. Always. I can be flexible. I can give to those unable to provide for themselves at this time. I can refund someone’s money becuase they are pregnant and everything makes them sick. The further I go into listening and responding to what people want, the more successful I am. I realizing that the more I share (from the right place), the more I have. I can pass on someone’s contact to purchase their own local food bulk order even if it means I don’t directly profit with cash. Because  I mean, the cash just gives me a feeling and what if I could Just directly access and go to that feeling and bypass the cash?  


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  1. I find your honesty and transparency inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

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