How do ethics work at The Wandering Market? Pricing, sourcing and more. 

This isn’t something a business is suppose to tell you. Profit and sources are secret. But this isn’t a regular business and I’m not aiming to be “professional”. Have you seen my selfies? 

This business is for the people. It’s for the people that have gone too long eating subpar food that may not even be food. This is for the people that are ready to awaken their senses and return to their kitchens. 

It looks to me that Cultures revolve around food. How it’s prepared and how it’s shared. What type of culture do we want to be? Fast and easy and disconnected from source and processed to death? Or do we want to be full of life and flavour and excitement and feeling connected? Do want to ring in each morning with the seasons gifts or a box of Cheerios? 

That has always been the bottom line for me: Good food to the people.  It’s what I refer back to all the time like when we are discussing whether to share our sources or not. Yes, we will share our sources with you, when the producer allows it. Because the main goal is to get the foods out there. It’s good for the producer, the customer and it’s good for me. Supporting the producer, allows them to continue and grow. The more people finding real food, the more they will find real food! It doesn’t end and I will always have a place in it. People have to eat and that’s no fad. I also figure that if I am no longer needed to source a certain thing, then it pushes me to look for something else.

The best message I have received recently was someone telling me that between Christina (at The Front Door little home store in Moose Jaw) and I, they aren’t really going to the grocery store.

It’s worth it.

We are strong in numbers. 

So, how does our pricing work?

We don’t have an exact mark up on anything and we don’t have exact prices on products. Aren’t we flaky? Hah! Different producers have different prices and sometimes the cost to go get them can vary. 

Also, prices fluctuate as something is in its prime and scarce, like baby potatoes will be in a few months and then it shifts as they become large and abundant and potatoes become cheap. 

Sometimes, a farmer will just needs to get rid of something and will give us a deal that I am able to pass on to the customers. 

If I were selling single items, I would need to increase the price by 50-100% or more  to cover my costs and time. So, the value of a product is 50-100% higher than what I pay. That’s what we would sell it for individually. I also am always keeping up with what other places are charging and basing it on that. I check local farms websites, grocery stores, markets and health food stores for reference.

Doing the food boxes has made it so much easier to charge an affordable price, because we are dealing in bulk and putting the same orders together with the minor substitutions that we are happy to accommodate. 

With the food boxes, we have been able to get away with making $20-$50 on a food box. The more boxes we sell, the less we can charge. Or rather, Usualy it works out that I am able to add in more product at the end. 

I’m still figuring a lot of this out and it’s been an amazing experience. I’m consulting with professionals and taking advice. I’ve never done anything where I have worked so hard and had it been so worth it. 

I’m so humbled by all the people that are responding to us and all The Front Doors popping up in Moose Jaw and Regina with their local foods for sale out of their homes. 

Let’s eat. 


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  1. Are there any more delivery dates for Regina? I am interested in beef.

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