The Prairie Pearl’s Homestead

Prairie Pearl Homestead:

This is the newest and hottest small farm we’ve been working with.  

Meet Brian and Jen Pearl and their darling two children Emma and Liam. I like to call them affectionately The Prairie Pearls.

We got to spend quite a bit of time on this farm last year as they are so open and generous to guests. They are also very eager to join forces and get things done and have come out to our house in Gravelbourg numerous times to lend a hand. 

This picture is from a weekend that we spent cleaning wool into the night. It felt really special and it’s one of my fondest farm memories. 

When I met the Prairie Pearl’s I was impressed by their true homestead nature. They have managed to save hundreds of pounds of food from their massive garden and livestock for themselves and are actually really close to self sufficiency. I don’t even think they realize how amazing what they are doing is. People that are in their element often don’t and they reply with “We just do it.” When people ask them how. 

The Prairie Pearl’s face big obstacles as all farmers do. One of the main issues has been that they are in the middle of butt duck nowhere.  By Admiral, to be more precise. It makes it difficult to market food, without a market, ya know.

That’s where we can and are eager to help here at The Wandering Market joined with you, the people. We see the incredible value and nourishing nature of what they are producing.

So besides the massive garden with various produce and some fruits, they have pigs, meat chickens, egg layers, ducks, geese and turkeys. But what they really specialize in is lamb. Beautiful, beautiful grass fed and finished lamb. 

The sheep are blessed to grace hundreds of acres of pasture land that is a mix of alfalfa and milk vetch. It produces a top quality product of meat and wool and the animals get an amazing life. 

I just want to say one last thing about The Prairie Pearls. I really appreciate how the ingenuity they demonstrate as they use what is available to them in such practical ways. Check out this pallet barn that Brian built! It is completely functioning for chickens and is heated by… Wait for it… Compost! The floor has about a foot of wood shavings that the chickens scratch and mix with poo that heats up! So genius! And it was free to build, he used materials that would have been thrown away. 


The Prairie Pearl’s are so deserving of our support and I’m so grateful to call them friends. 

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