One year of food boxes; wandering and marketing from farm to folk. 


The Wandering Market food boxes are one year old! 

It’s amazing to me to think that it started with me making up food packages for a friend because she was having a hard time and now she is actually in the process of making up her own food boxes to distribute. 

So much can happen in a year. 

The more I dive in, the more I realize that this is for me. 

You can recognize when something is for you because you wake up pumped with adrenaline and ready to start the day because of a trip planned to a farm or simply because a thousand pounds of cabbage waits for you, there’s no life direction to question. 

The support I have received for food boxes has been outstanding. I’m so humbled by all the people who want to eat more mindfully. It has made all my desires of sourcing and being involved in my food possible. I’m always surprised when people thank me for being able to purchase a food box and I remember that this is really good for other people too. And so, I’ll carry on building and connecting and overcoming the challenges when it looks like this:


Some of the biggest challenges we have overcome have been keeping foods the appropriate temperatures, funding large food purchases and figuring out how to be organized in ordering and purchasing. 

We are still working on all of this and I’m excited for the future where we can reach even more people with amazing small farm foods. 

I have so many ideas and inspirations flowing to get more people involved. 

I feel like this is growing into something bigger than just our family’s small little wandering market and will become a coming together of community and a new and desperately needed food culture. 

Most days, I look like this: 

And this:

Thank you. 

3 thoughts on “One year of food boxes; wandering and marketing from farm to folk. 

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  2. Congratulations on you first year! May you be blessed with many more successful years ahead and that the opportunities and growth continues. Love The Wandering Market <3

    1. Thanks, Susan! You’ve been an amazing support to us!

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