Morning Thoughts From Me, At The Wandering Market. 

Fresh farm eggs came to the door this morning. This has been happening a lot. I smile and take in the feelings of abundance. I ponder what will I will be provided with next to fill those food boxes that I’ve become so find of. I take the eggs downstairs and can’t help but feel so in awe to be pursuing my passions on a larger and larger scale. The plot is contasntly thickening and life just keeps getting more and more exciting. I am honered to facilitate all of this and to give my support in return. To the farmers and to the customers wanting their food; needing their food.  

I step outside and see that spring is here along with those precious first  edible greens. We’ve been eating baby dandelions, chives, terragon and lovage from our yard already. I love the longing that winter has brought on. The sunshine and the warmth is suddenly so precious as it sothes and invigorates us into what is to come. What is to come?  

Sincerely in Spring,


Here’s some pictures of last years summer. Oh summer…



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  1. Janay says:

    j,r.m es simple somos seres conscientes lo cual conlleva a que debemos ser libres con nuestros peaenmisntos la naturaleza nos pone un orden lógico pero nosotros damos la diversidad jugando con la creación .

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