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Happy Chickens for sale!

Last year we butchered chickens with Pilgrim Farms by Pilgrim Farms. You know that feeling when you feel so in your element that work is fun? That was me. I was quite pregnant but something called me to push forward and continue with our purpose of bringing people local and holistically raised food. I also love the community that came together of mothers, fathers, children, friends and farmers. We sold out of chicken very quickly.
This year we will be butchering chickens with Chicken Man! He lives by Neville, Saskatchewan. You may already know him from his beautiful organic, free range eggs.
We are looking for people interested and dedicated enough to help us butcher. We will be working out an amount to trade people in chicken for their hard work. We are talking about inviting people out for camping, music and good food while we pursue our purpose. If you’re interested in this you can contact me, Nadine LeBean (on fb or 306-648-2886) for an interview to see if you will fit our list of chicken harvesters. You can also contact me if you’d like to be on the list to buy chickens.
Pictures of last years Chicken Butchering and raising:










Saskatchewan Grown What?!?!?

Rumour had it that a couple in Saskatchewan were growing lemons. Now, if you don’t know Saskatchewan, Canada you need to imagine snow drifts above the roof tops along with wind. The wind blows in furiously with the winter cold hard enough to lift up a water tank. That happened to us. I looked out the window on a casual Saskatchewan afternoon and noticed that our 1200 gallon water tank had blown into the field just like it was any other day. Hmm. It’s also not uncommon to become stuck in the snow, two or maybe three times in one day. You’d better get out and shovel. The winters here always make me feel extreme especially when I venture outside with only my eye balls showing. Can your eyeballs get frost bite? Yes.
So imagine my surprise to learn that there was a mature lemon tree right on these snow covered prairies. Only in my wildest dreams did I imagine being able to get local citrus fruit. It’s an amazing treat to have this taste of sunshine (and incredible vitamin c) throughout the winter. I wonder if any food will be able to top Saskatchewan grown lemons. And they are oh so beautiful. Picked fresh and ripe from the tree, they smell like heaven.


First blog post.

This blog will chronicle the faces behind the food. It will tell you beautiful and sometimes unbelievable stories about the food and the people growing it. I will pour my soul out to you about all the challenges and the connections that we are making through food.
What do you do that is your connector? What connects you to people and to this beautiful planet?

I’m doing it through food and I invite you along for the ride…